27 years old
168cm (5' 6'')
57 kg (126 lbs)
Never Married
Clerical/Service Worker
0 to 10,000 p.a
Kiev, Ukraine

Going to Restaurants,Cooking,Travel,Shopping,Sports/exercise,Music/play instruments

I m a friendly and sociable person with strong values and ethical. I m also an open minded and flexible person who can listen and respect different views and thoughts. I would say i am tender, sensitive, serious, loyal, cheerful, generous, kindhearted and have genuine love of others. I think that no I no others are perfect. I can be very committed, very dependable, very romantic, very intimate and very loyal to my man. I am a passionate person for what I do. I think I have a big heart but it suffers without love. You see,i am tired to be alone and don’t want to waste my time on lonely evenings) So i am here hoping to find that person who will love me and i will love him back!

Interested in
I like music. Normally, I like to listen romantic music, but depending on my mood it varies as well. I used to go to the gym regularly for workout after my work. I also like to travel a lot. I always go out of my way to learn new things from people.My interests include also fashion, beauty, movies, outdoor activities, photography and a lot more!

Ideal Match
Like every other woman, I have my ideal of manhood. The difficulty is to describe it. First of all, he must be a gentleman; but that means so much that it, in its turn, requires explanation. Gentleness and moral strength combined must be the salient characteristics of the “gentleman,” together with that polish that is never acquired but in one way: constant association with those so happily-placed that they have enjoyed the influences of education and refinement all through their lives. He must be thoughtful for others, kind to women and children and all helpless things, tender-hearted to the old and the poor and the unhappy, but never foolishly weak in giving where gifts do harm instead of good—his brain must be as fine as his heart, in fact. There are few such men; but they do exist. Reliable as rocks, judicious in every action, dependable in trifles as well as the large affairs of life, full of mercy and kindness to others.