18 years old
159cm (5' 3'')
49 kg (108 lbs)
Never Married
University Student
0 to 10,000 p.a
Nikolaev, Ukraine

Going to Restaurants,Travel,Hiking/outdoor activities,Watching movies,Shopping,Sports/exercise

Well, you’re going to meet one of the most attractive women!
Let’s start with an evident fact that I’m this modest, lol)))
Seriously, I do know the value of things and people and I’m mature enough to evaluate myself properly)) I’m purposeful and self-confident. I don’t often yield in arguments but I stand to my ground in principal items. However I’m quite easy-going and cheerful in everyday life and I’ve got a wide social circle. I’m sensitive and sometimes very emotional.
I appreciate it when people are honest, kind and thoughtful of others. I try to be this way myself! On the other hand, what I can’t stand about people is hypocrisy!
I’m not interested in horoscopes and divinations and I’m not superstitious.
When I feel distressed and frustrated, I rarely give up – I just tell myself that it’s not the way out; so I pull myself together and act!
Finally, I’m still single and looking for a special man to make him happy by filling his being with me!)))

Interested in
Interests speak a lot about our nature so here’s a short report for naturalists interested in my world))) Generally, I’m quite an active person and there are lots of things I enjoy doing.
I love reading and listening to modern music. As for sports I like watching football (yeah, a female football fan, lol)) and playing basketball. And of course I like walking (who doesn’t?!) After all a perfect rest, to my mind, includes hiking to the forest and mountains or just strolling around the city with friends!
I can sing and dance very well. What I’d like to learn more is playing the guitar (just imagine those romantic nights with a bonfire and singing to the guitar!) and driving a car.
I have always dreamt of visiting Egypt and Great Britain and my latest wish is to go to the concert of Beyonce!

Type of Man
The man of my dream is just that handsome! And his two principal qualities are charisma and intelligence.
My perfect man is an established person with mature attitude to life and steady interests. He’s fearless as a real warrior and tender as a teenager in love))) He’s cheerful and sociable and he shares my interests or at least admits my right to have the ones!
At last (and this is probably the most important thing!) my ideal man is family oriented.
Have you noticed that I use Present Simple (and no conditionals!) here? As a matter of fact I’m sure, my perfect man exists … and – who knows! – maybe he’s reading this at the moment)))